Re-publica talk

I’ll be giving a talk tomorrow at re-publica.de about something in between “doing what you love” and following a prescribed path. It’s a series of games and meditations rather than a talk. If you’re interested I’d love to see you there!

Reach out on twitter if you’d like. đŸ™‚

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My site crashed, hence the lack of content for the last 2 years. Alas, why not start fresh!


Ann Arbor Hackerspace


Coming back from PS1 in Chicago on the long drive back to Cambridge I’ve been doing some serious thinking. I believe that Michigan needs a hackerspace with a unique perspective, a job generating outlook. I’ll be back in Michigan – Ann Arbor – to start discussions on planning and organizing a new hackerspace next friday July 31st. Anyone who believes should be there.

_let’s go.

Jordan Bunker, Eric Michaud, Bilal Ghalib, and Amar Ghalib