This is a page inspired by Derek Sivers. He calls his now page a “A public declaration of priorities.” What is Bilal up to now?

What matters to Bilal:

  • Living in Beirut Lebanon
  • Learning what helps me focus. Exploring: meditation, tDCS, diet changes, reducing distractions, and possibly most importantly – identifying what lights the fire inside.
  • Helping two organizations here: and – both are working on social entrepreneurship initiatives. In a conflict area we need new opportunities for work for youth and entrepreneurship is one way we can share hope, opportunity, as well as potentially encouraging problem solving for some of the issues around us.
  • Learning to be happy, currently on Week 7 of the Happiness Makeover class
  • Plotting for 2017.

Curious what you’re up to! If you’re interested in having a now page too I’d love to learn, please comment below with your /now page 🙂