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Student : @criparis

Ask for a high five and you shall receive.

The long

Are you interested in the entire everything? So am I!

🔧 I think the thing I’m proudest about supporting is helping inspire a community of makers in the MENA region and in various countries, sometimes in various complex environments, to work together to improve skills, build entrepreneurship and innovation opportunities, and most importantly to build hope. This was part of my effort under the GEMSI (Global Entrepreneurship and Maker Space Initiative) effort I ran across the MENA region for several years.

🌼 Bloom (ex “Pitchworthy”) is the next evolution of that, as we work to leverage technology to make sure the “waters of opportunity” flow to anywhere there is a seed of potential. We connect mentors, community and funds, through learning experiences to improve opportunities, education, support, and communities of makers and problem-solvers around the region.

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