Bilal will ask all the “œcommon sense” questions in a very humble way, believing and questioning those so you can dive real deep into your thoughts – and come out much stronger, with a clear understanding and vision. Some of our biggest mental blocks are what we call “common sense”.

Mutassem Daaboul
Managing Director, Canex Aluminum

Bilal helped us get grounded when starting our company. He’s been a great friend and supporter since day one. Moreover Bilal is a connector! A maker by heart, Bilal creates connections and communities wherever he goes. I can’t recount a single country I’ve been to where Bilal didn’t put me in contact with the right people and made sure I felt welcomed. I am lucky to have Bilal in my life.

Bassam Jalgha
CTO, Band Industries

Bilal is one of the most generous and genuine people you’ll meet. Everywhere someone will ask you “Do you know Bilal?” And vice versa, he’ll always come up with great intros across the globe.
He’s a charismatic talker and a good listener, which makes him a great moderator and a natural born connector!

Ayssar Arida
Co-founder, MakerBrane

Bilal is one of the most creative, thoughtful and inspiring people I have worked with. The combination of his technical expertise, social skills and mindfulness is very powerful as Bilal posses and is able to combine the key skills for solving social, economic and ecological problems.
Bilal has supported the Global Innovation Gathering for many years. He is a key member in this network in sharing his knowledge and inspiring other members with his work.

Geraldine De Bastion
Global Innovation Gathering, International Executive Director

Bilal has a huge heart and a rare blend of energy, perseverance and discipline to make good things come from forth from it. He is phenomenal at curating creative spaces that are also sensitive and safe, making sure the everyone is inspired to be their best and motivating action. He’s a keen listener, performer, creator and thinker but also humble and accessible to all, across ages, cultures and backgrounds. I would recommend Bilal for any creative project, especially around community building, bridging cultures, entrepreneurship, tech and activism!

Jie Qi
Cofounder, creative director Chibitronics