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I have been involved in what I call PBLEs, aka: “passion-based learning environments”, around the world as a community builder, public speaker and workshop organizer around 3D printing, design thinking, low-tech and high-tech creativity.
From Shenzhen to Egypt, Lebanon, Paris, New York, Detroit, Chicago

I got to know Bilal Ghalib while organizing Maker Faire Detroit. He comes from an Iraqi family in Dearborn, Michigan, which has the largest Arab-American community in the United States. Bilal has worn many hats over the years, as a maker, artist, educator and activist. He has spent a lot of time in the Middle East helping to foster the development of makerspaces. Over the years, I’ve seen Bilal in the Bay Area working with Instructables or at Maker Faire Shenzhen representing LittleBits.

Bilal introduced me to many of the makers, including Sara Sibai and Bassam Jalgha of Beirut. Unlike me, who would head home, Bilal planned to stay around for several weeks. He said he’s been leading design thinking workshops at makerspaces. He was heading to Alexandria Sunday night.

Bilal deserves praise for the work he has done largely on his own in the Middle East connecting makers.

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