POC 21

POC21 was an innovation camp that took place in Chateau de Millemont near Paris. It lasted for five weeks from August 15, 2015 until September 20, 2015. POC21 innovation camp hosted 100 makers, designers and innovators to develop a Proof of Concept of a truly sustainable society.[1] The scope of such an innovation camp was unseen before.[2] The ‘accelerator‘ program developed 12 open source hardware projects from energy production and monitoring to living, mobility, communication and food production and preservation.

I was invited as a sustainability maker, mentor and coach to support participants designing products to address sustainability challenges.

I helped document and share people’s projects on Makezine:
Hack Your Shower to Reuse Heat and Water
Carbon Filters Get 3D Printable Makeover for Global Clean Water Initiative
This Pedal-Powered Tractor Takes the Fuel Out of Farming

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