Burnout Ink – Eating T-shirts

During the silk screening class I teach last week I brought in my experimental burnout ink.

Burnout ink worked!
Burnout ink worked!

We attempted to burn out several different fabric and fiber types. Here are a few tips we picked up:

  1. Make sure to saturate the fabric when you print so the ink goes through the shirt.
  2. Burn it out to a light golden brown, not any darker or you’ll stain the fabric.
  3. Wash immediately with cold water.
  4. Print on a towel with plastic on top (A soft platen helps with ink penetration)
  5. Screen print the design a few times with a high angle and lots of pressure.
  6. 50/50 polyester cotton blend fabric shirts didn’t work very well.
  7. 25 rayon 25 cotton 50 polyester worked the best

For many more pictures and some photo’s of the process check my picasa album.

-instructable soon

4 thoughts on “Burnout Ink – Eating T-shirts

  1. It cost about 25 dollars and I have enough for a gallon or two of ink. Cheaper, I found a company that I like that sells it but I can’t find a US based manufacturer. Still needs some more experimenting to get a good regular burn out though. We’ll see how it goes, also not sure about shelf life… Will keep you up to date.

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