Beit el Atlas

Beit Al Atlas is a co-living and semi public community house I created with my friend Saleh. Here we explore ways of being together across real difference.

This initiative started when Saleh and I were cleaning up the aftermath of a flood in the house. Saleh was a student at a UNICEF funded project run by Nawaya, where I was working to bring innovation through design thinking to marginalized youth. Before long, I realized that I was Saleh’s student as well.

We started asking the question: What would happen if, instead of trying to help each other, we lived together and had our exchanges come from a place of care? Then, we started to wonder if it is possible to expand this uncommon union to include more people, to create a structure that supports the financial and physical needs of those involved, while living from a place of compassion rather than obligation.

These questions grew into Beit Al Atlas. A semi-public and semi-private community home where we explore alternative care oriented ways of responding to the many challenges our modern times bring to us.
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