We believe that potential and capability are equally distributed around the world, but opportunity and support are not.

Similar to a desert before a rainstorm, we believe those areas – much of the world – that has been neglected is full of potential waiting for the right conditions to unleash a superbloom of creativity.

Our mission at Bloom is to detach opportunity from geography and identity. We are working to make high quality entrepreneurship education and support universal, so we can collectively address global challenges and build a more equal world.

Our guiding questions weave together new work, the pursuit of meaning, global challenges/SDGs, equity in opportunity, and inner knowledge. We work to balance reflection with strategic action.

We’ve been working on this for a while, more than a decade, and we have a lot of experience, and still a lot to learn.

Bloom is an affiliated project of AltCity Impact, a non-profit organization legally registered in Lebanon. Through AltCity Impact, and affiliated Pitchworthy and Bloom efforts, we have implemented successful projects with UNICEF, Mercy Corps, the World Bank, the UK/FCO, the Netherlands Embassy in Lebanon, the Swiss SDC, the UN GFMD – Global Forum on Migration and Development, Alfanar, DAI, the Central Bank of Lebanon.

We have been active in supporting development efforts around youth development, refugee and migrant support, and sustainable economic development since 2008. Since the AltCity Impact NGO was established 2016, we’ve worked with over 100+ partners, and 400+ startup and project teams.

Our currently active projects are:

  1. The Asfari Challenge for Social Innovation, with the Asfari Foundation
  2. Safir – MENA Youth in Action program, with Institut Francais, CFI, AUF, Lab’ess, and ANND, with co-financing support from the EU
  3. Lebanon Crisis Response Hackathon with FNF/FNST
  4. Additional impact programs launching soon