How to Get a Short SMS Digit

US Short Code Association is the way Twitter is able to have such a short number for their texting service. It’s not free, it costs approximately $1,000 dollars a month, but if you have a good project that needs a quick texting service with a short number, register now. For me the word MODATI still is available… Hmmm

I’m still considering my options concerning interactivity and activism in relationship to business and exciting people. I want to make a interactive online/offline game that includes peoples environments including the things they’re wearing. I think I might try to set up a SMTP server to respond to text messages or picture messages… If anyone can give me some pointers on how to automate the translation of a picture text message, that’d be so sweet. Thank you all, and to all a good night!

2 thoughts on “How to Get a Short SMS Digit

  1. Found your blog from pumping station one list…I’ve received text messages in rails, simply use TMail::Maildir to read mail on the server, and the MMS2R gem to strip out signatures and find the picture message.

  2. Aw man! I wish I knew about this rails stuff earlier. I had to make my own implementation in Python! But it works right now! I use them as digital business cards so people don’t have to take paper, they take a picture of my card and then they get a text message with all my contact info.

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