I want to be free

It’s the first day of Ramadan, the third day of being here in Gambia. And every day here I have found a bit of wisdom. I have decided to start sharing what I learn again. Blogging to help with thinking, rather than blogging to be something, to be reognized, or seen in a certain light. I feel repulsed by the idea of using ai to write blogs. I was discussing today with Dr Umar Faruq Abdullah  about the definition of “Kalam” in arabic, the word for to dialog or speak, is that kalam is not kalam unless it is beneficial, and it’s not kalam unless it has intent on behalf of the listener and the speaker. That was one of the treasures from today.

Yesterday’s treasure from Shaikh Ahmed I learned the Khuwaysa concept. that the Prophet (S) mentioned there will ome a time when people will become obsessed with their own thoughts and disprespectful towards knowledge and will also get lost in following their desires and whims. Which sounds pretty much like influencer/thought leadership culture. In those days he says to stay away from the public arenas and focus on the “khuwaysa” the private, few, intimate, close relationships. Which is where my mind has been going for a time, and I uess it’s one way to think of this blog, like honestly I don’t expect anyone to read this, it’s not in the “public arena” the place where people an tag and help share things, yet iI remember 2003 and my favorite days on the internet where I would write and read a few blogs, and I felt the person on the other side. I think thats what is different here. I mean even though with social media you can get full videos and total intimate settings it is minimized. Instead check out this blog from Doug, Open Thinkering. He is clearly a human being, someone out there thinking and sharing and thinking for themselves. 

I feel like the way to follow the prophetic commandment is to go back to open web standards, host your own server, host wordpress, contribute to knowledge in your own way.

The third bit of wisdom I have cleaned has to do with the verses on aggression in the quran, And that one might require more time to describe than I have now. I’m going to launch this no edits just to keep the ball rolling. Many hugs! salam

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