It pours forth

So I’m on day four in Gambia and the inspiration keeps coming. I feel like inspiration is like food. You can’t go too long without having some or you’ll die.

Today I’m reflecting on the idea that God will not test you with burdens you can’t handle. Most people interpret it as in you wont have too big a burden to carry and if God gives you a burden, it’s knowing that you have the capacity to manage it.

Now when we shared this thought in our cirlce yesterday people raised concerns about the fact that some people have burdens and it breaks their backs, or even kills them. The insight I had through someone else here was that another way to look at it is that God wont hold you accountable for when you break under the burden.

A few other things on my mind are about having cautiousness and God conciousness and the results of that in terms of being granted knowledge, openings from un expected places and more. And I must say, I’ve started testing this and it feels true. I realize for me faith feels like a bridge made of glass, you can take small and safe steps and not be too far above the ground yet feel vertigo and terror, you’re floating! Then you realize it’s glass and it’s fine you can walk. Then you get accustomed to the idea of faith because it has build credibility / validity and reliablility. Big words for an exhausted person. I’m going to sleep now ;D

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